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ATTENTION: This site will remain up for some time,but we will be unable to update it after June 1, 2015. Enjoy it as it is our history, then visit our new site for updates and new kittens. It is a work in progress

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How to win a kitten/cats heart.

1. Approach him gently, softly, slowly, quietly. Stroke him first so he knows your intentions are friendly before picking him up.

2. Do not hold him in the middle or by the chest, with legs dangling, support all four paws as you hold him.

3. Hold him close to your chest, he loves the sound of your heart, like his mamas heart when he was little.

4.His hearing is sensitive, do not make loud noises to startle him, or holler at him.

5. He is a small animal and the worst thing you can do is to make him feel trapped. He must feel free to leave if he needs too and then he will stay with you.

6.  The first thing he wants is love, the second is food. A cooked chicken treat will earn you points.

7. He wants to play, a feather toy is a bird. Don't dig him out from under the chair etc, entice him out with a toy.

8. don't ignore him for days and then expect him to fall into your lap when you have time. Make him part of your daily routine.

9. He is smart, he will know something the first time he is taught.

10. He will not share you easily, if you bring another pet into the house be prepared to give him time to adjust. and 4 days is not enough.




My e mail is 
Bengal Stud.

Millwood Titus of Donamaebengals.

Out of Ch Millwood Gigabite and Millwood Transfer retired last year.

HE was born 7/21/07

This is one of his kittens.

DiBengals Shadracks Gold, a classic Bengal, held by Jim Dougherty passed on last year, but had a long happy life breeding kittens. He produced up till the last 6 months of his life.

Bengal cat


Champion Bumper Crop of Spots

A cinnamon Ocicat.

4 finals at his first adult show. The ocicat is probably the friendliest cat as a breed trait. Bumper is no exception, he loves you, sits on your lap, crawles under the covers with you, and kneads your hair. Born here at Donamae Cattery he is one special boy.





Members of TICA, The International Cat Association TIBCS, The International Bengal Cat Society


DonaMaeBengals strive to breed Bengals that are beautiful, loveable, friendly, and personable.  All of our kittens are raised inside our home and have regular human handling.

The Bengal breed is a domestic cat whose origin is a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and a domestic cat.  The Asian Leopard Cat is a small spotted wild cat ranging by weight from 5 pounds to as much as 15 pounds.  The Bengal has the characteristics of being a very active cat, an excellent climber, a cat that likes to play in water, a very intelligent cat. These cats are personable, and like to follow their owners around. The Bengal breed is believed to be more disease resistant then other domestic cats.  The American Bengal cat population is increasing rapidly as this breed is becoming very popular. The first line of Bengals was introduced in the mid 1960's and redeveloped in the 1980's.  The bengal cat is the best selling breed in the south westren United States.  This is contributed to the short hair of the bengal breed and the interesting personality of a bengal cat.  The bengal is basically a healthy breed. It is a relatively new breed and continues to grow in popularity both in the south westren United States and in all states.  Owners of bengal cats have been surprised when the cat has followed them into the shower and somethings has even jumped into the bath tub along with their owners.  It is clear that the bengal is no ordinary cat, his spots give him the appearance of a wild cat, and indeed, the bengal is part wild cat!  In spite of the wild cat in the bengal, most bengals have a gentle loving personality that their owners never seem to tire of talking about.

The current line of Bengals are from the 1980's origin. The typical Bengal is slightly larger then the typical domestic cat.

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