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Please use the cell phone when unable to reach us on 623-582-1015.



ATTENTION: This site will remain up for some time,but we will be unable to update it after June 1, 2015. Enjoy it as it is our history, then visit our new site for updates and new kittens. It is a work in progress

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The full summary of the standard may be obtained from TICA.

Here is a condensed version:

Loving, dependable temperament. "Feral" appearance. Medium to large, sleek and very muscular, with hind-quarters slightly higher than shoulders. The head is a broad modified wedge with rounded contours, longer than it is wide. Large nose, and prominent whisker pads. Ears medium set, medium small, short with a wide base and rounded tips. Spots are random, or aligned horizontally. Rosettes are preferred to single spotting but not required. Contrast with ground color must be extreme. Strong, bold chin strap and mascara markings desirable. Belly must be spotted.  The marble pattern should have a horizontal flow when the cat is stretched.  eyes are Oval, may be slightly almond shaped. Large, but not bugged. Very muscular, especially in the males, one of the most distinguishing features. Coat short to medium, thick luxurious, and usually soft to touch. Tail thick,  tapered at end with rounded tip. Medium to large, with the length medium. 

Brown tabby: all variations are  allowed, however a high degree of rufinism yielding a yellow, buff, tan, golden, or orange ground color is preferred. 

Seal Lynx Point; Ground color should be ivory to cream. Tail tip must be dark seal brown, eye color must be blue.

Seal Sepia Tabby: Ground color ivory, cream, or light tan. Paw pads dark brown with rosy undertones allowed. Tail tip dark seal brown. Pattern is seal sepia to dark seal sepia.

Seal Mink Tabby: ground color ivory, cream, or light tan. Seal mink pattern to a dark seal mink.

Withhold all awards if belly is not spotted. Paw pads not consistent with their color group description, or paw pads not all of the same color. 



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