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e mail me at donadougherty@hotmail.com

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Adopton fee is 25 to 100 dollars, in most cases it is 25.

This page is for rescue cats, these are cats who for some reason have been displaced out of their home. They have not been on the street, (pepper is the only exception) they are brought in by owners who loved them and are unable to keep them anymore. I have a busy Internet Site and frequently can find them homes. I keep them till I do. No kill! Though I am a cat breeder not a shelter, I have placed 45 in the last year. These cats have been treasured and spoiled rotten. They have good litter habits, and loving personalities. Often an older cat, neutered or spayed and confident makes a better pet for children than a young kitten, especially one that has been consistently loved. .



I havent had time to get pictures out, e mail me with your phone number if you are interested in any of these and I will send you a phone picture.


3. Rahaja, a 6 year old, neutered Male F1 Savannah. Beautiful, but has gotten very wild. needs a special person used to working with feral cats, or a vet tech, etc. Someone with a lot of patience. He is not declawed and would be dangerous to children, or anyone who didn't know how to handle him. He is ok with other cats. I will not ship him.

7. Einstein is a beautiful friendly domestic long hair. He keeps it very nice. he is grey with white patches on belly and face. He is a couple years old and very friendly and playful, he will make a lovely pet.