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What to consider before purchasing a Serval cat. 

Is it legal to own a Serval cat where you live? What do you plan to do with it; breed, or use it for education

A few states, including our own state of Arizona, do not allow individuals to own Serval cats as pets. In Arizona you must maintain a Fish and Game license and A USDA license to own Servals. We are also not allowed to sell them as pets. Only to licenced game farms, Zoos, and medical or educational facilities, and USDA licensed facilities.


 The serval takes more time to care for then domestic cats.

The facility that sells a Serval kitten must be USDA licensed.  This invloves paperwork and regular surprise inspections, as well as a USDA certified veterinarian that visits the property at least once a year and approves the medical program. You must be open to an inspection from 7 am to 7pm Monday through Friday, or as you arrange with your USDA inspector.  This is a Federal requirement as the Serval cat is an exotic. It is this absolute requirement that has stopped widespread breeding of Serval cats.  The breeder of Serval cats will make a greater investment for the facilities of these cats as well as a greater price to obtain the breeding stock.  The Serval breeder also makes a greater time investment in the Serval kittens.


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