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Sorry mom, I just ate raw meat and got it all over my face. We also tend to walk in it!










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Newest picture of Felix 12/16/09

The top picture is our habitat. It is 32 feet across, 12 feet high, entirely chain linked in including the top. It has an active waterfall and pond they play in and drink out of. It has sun screen over the top and is in the back yard under shade trees and by our pool. My husband built it out of horse corrals. It is lit at night, and I love to go out there and play with Felix at night. I go out and read a book also and sit with them. However, they are food aggressive, so you cannot take your coffee in. They will take it away from you. Felix is getting better, he drank some tea from my glass the other day without knocking it out of my hand.





 Shawna at 11 wks

She is such fun, she leaps straight up in the air, like a little Gazelle. She is very playful, very active. It is a job training her not to bite, she wants to use her teeth all the time. Moby she is teething. She already likes raw meat better than the AD and KMR mixture. The bottle feeding was stopped when she got pneumonia at 5 wks. this is too bad because it is an asset for bonding. But she is doing fine.



FRANK, OUR ONLY WILD CAUGHT SERVAL. All the rest were born in the united States and hand raised. We inherited him, we were not the ones who had him brought over from Africa. He came from Tanzinania at about the age of 2.

 Newest picture of Felix 12/16/09

The next picture includes my leg, not as good as it used to be, but shows how friendly Felix is. He head butts, nuzzles, and plays like a regular kitten. (yes at 28 lbs he is still a kitten)

See the Oceli (false eyes) on the back of his ears? Gorgeous. Wild cats have them so if they are looking away a predator will think they are looking at them.

Felix is playing with a toy, tied on the end on a whip.

He has a rubber foot ball he carries around and tosses in the air. You have to use dog toys, these cats are too big for regular cat stuff. Also harnesses are a problem, the cat ones don't fit, and Dog harnesses are too large in the neck. Cats get out of them easily. I usually make my own. 







Servals eat raw meat. They will crunch down a Chicken leg or thigh bone and all in a couple minutes. They love steak or roast, But Felix loves anything!!! he even likes his emergency food, canned Friskies the one with gravy on it.


I feed a (large grind)ground raw meat diet to all my cats, the servals also like this.







 The new female serval is called Jubejuba  (nick name is Jubejue. She is a little wild, but starting to warm up. She played with a feather, and will come eat within a foot or two of where Felix is eating and I am petting him.  It is difficult to keep a Serval as tame as Felix is, and we plan to work hard at it. Space waiting for pictures of Jubejue. I will do this soon. She is absolutely georgeous.
 Meet Ashanti or "Shawna"





The Serval is a magnificently beautiful spotted cat native to the grasslands of Africa.  The average Serval is 40 pounds.  Males may be more, up to 55 pounds, and females less, down to 20 pounds.  The Serval at shoulder height stands 18 to 24 inches from the ground and is 30 to 36 inches in length.  For hundreds of years Europeans have kept Servals as pets.  For most individuals a Serval as a pet is not practical, and in some states, including Arizona,  not legal.   The Serval cat has very large ears and excellent hearing, it is a great jumper and very fast runner. Servals raised by humans from the time they are kittens have many similarities to domestic cats, but it must always be remembered that they are wild cats that will not come back to their happy home.   All cats are curious and may want to explore the outside, but the domestic cats return home.  Owning a Serval has legal limitations.  Permits are not granted in Arizona and some other states to have a Serval as a pet.  I think that anyone that handles and works with these wonderful cats quickly develops an admiration and love for the Serval breed.  A Serval raised from a kitten becomes very bonded to his human family. Servals have a very difficult time changing owners, this is very stressful to the cat, and the cat may never develop the same relationship with the new owner that was established with the old owner. Servals live to about 20 years in captivity.

These serval pages are to show off the beautiful Serval cats that we did have before. 

Dona Mae and Jim Dougherty holding Bengy, an African Serval kitten of about 8 months of age when the picture was taken.

Serval kitten

Lance (center) and Zuba (upper right) are in this picture.   Photo take on 09/06/2004.

African Serval

Simone, has just turned 4 months old when this picture was taken.  She was born July 3, 2002.

Simone, African Serval


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