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ATTENTION: This site will remain up for some time,but we will be unable to update it after June 1, 2015. Enjoy it as it is our history, then visit our new site for updates and new kittens. It is a work in progress

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Thank you, Donamae and Jim Dougherty


Our African Serval Queens

(Our Breeders not for sale)



This is our newest Queen, Anastasia. (Annie). She was born October 30, 2013 to JuJube and Felix and we are absolutely in love! She has the sweetest personality and is the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen. Mom refused to feed her so we pulled her at 24 hours and I bottle fed her round the clock. So when she opened her little eyes, mine was the face she saw and bonded to.




This is  Annie at a year old.



















Meet Ashanti or "Shawna" at 7 wks old.  Born New Years Eve 2009.



   Shawna, Notice the back of those ears!!! The spots are Oceli, or false eyes. So in the wild a predator would think they were looking at them, and not be able to sneak up on them.


3.9 Lbs at 7 wks. Looks like an adult and acts like a baby. So----- Cute!

Shawna at 11 wks

She is such fun, she leaps straight up in the air, like a little Gazelle. She is very playful, very active. It is a job training her not to bite, she wants to use her teeth all the time. Maby she is teething.

Shawna at 11 wks
Shawna at 11 wks
Shawna at 11 wks






Shawna at

5 3/4 months.

on the TV of course. cannot keep her off anything. she is eying the light fixtures.






Shawna at a year, all grown up. She is a lover, especially likes male humans.
This is LJayne, a female African Serval and Gunther's mate.

This Is Jubejuba, another female.She is georgeous, look at those huge spots. She came to us at 4 years old never had a litter. Didn't like the other studs, but she likes Felix. They mated and she delivered her first kitten at 7 years of age.




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