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Attention, this site will remain up for lsome time, but we cannot update it after June 1, 2015 because software is no longer supported. Review3 it as it is our history, and visit our new site which is for updates and new kittens.  We will also eventually have4 another new site called Thank you       Cell Phone 623-203-1274

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ATTENTION: This site will remain up for some time,but we will be unable to update it after June 1, 2015. Enjoy it as it is our history, then visit our new site for updates and new kittens. It is a work in progress

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Also eventually

Thank you, Donamae and Jim Dougherty






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his picture below is of Jujubeea a Serval Queen. She is 5 years old and Gorgeous.


This is Felix one of our Male African Servals. He is very tame and loves to play. Here he is chasing a feather. This is a scene from inside their Habitat, a waterfall and pond.

Felix napping by my chair.






Nap time for a couple Ocicat Teenagers!!

Izzy one of our Bengal queens.

Justice, Izzy's daughter.


A bengal kitten taking a nap.
To view our current kittens, click on the bengals, ocicats, savannahs, button above,  and after receiving the  new page  click on the kittens reference that will appear to the left.     

Our kittens pages are kept current (at least I try) with kittens available complete with photos and prices. 

Savannah Kitten, about 7 months old.

Nefertiti is a F1 savannah, 50% Serval.

She was born 2004 before the law changed. 

See her on the Savannah queens page.

Savannah KittenSavannah Kitten


African Serval kitten





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