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Please use the cell phone when unable to reach us on 623-582-1015.




ATTENTION: This site will remain up for some time,but we will be unable to update it after June 1, 2015. Enjoy it as it is our history, then visit our new site for updates and new kittens. It is a work in progress

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Thank you, Donamae and Jim Dougherty



This is a beautiful little seal lynx point female from Izzy and Titus that we kept to show and breed. Her Name is Justice She won an 8th best kitten.

Bengal Queen Silver Belle



from Jean Mills cattery this is  Rosey Mee a beautiful roseted Queen. she is really lovely. She did not like showing so we accepted that.



This is a beautiful little female from WildGold Cattery. We named her Isadora. You can see her white tummy, very unusual and valued. She is shown here with two of  her first litter. Izzy took a number of finals.

She likes showing and attention of any kind. What a sweetheart. Thank you Connie.

(Izzy took an adult final at the Phoenix Show. , this picture is from the show, look at that lovely white tummy! She is a pleasure to show because she is friendly and likes everyone.



Izzy is very playful and a love. Very friendly. Her kittens have inherited this.

These are Isadora's ribbons from her kitten shows, We will be showing her as an adult this year.






This is Marble lady, one of our new Queens. Should have a litter this spring. beautiful rosetted marble pattern.



Pearl is a Bengal Snow (Seal Lynx Point) Female, born 3/5/09. She has been retired.

Out of Quadruple Grand Champion Flaming Torch and Special Lady from Camelottaspots cattery.


Babydollpictures comming

Bengal mothers are sturdy and independent, giving birth easily, and deftly caring for their young.  The only drawback so far has been their penchant for moving the kittens and nest every few days.  They are also very protective. I have found I cannot allow young children around a mom with a very young litter. Sometimes children scream, and the mom may attack the babies in her upset. So they stay in my bedroom and I bring kittens out to show when they are older.  




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